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The Order of the Temple


Often referred to as Knight Templar, and the climax of the Christian Orders of Knighthood. It still retains in its ritual some of the ancient ceremonies of the original order. Like the Order of Malta, it is founded upon the principles enunciated in the New Testament, teaching that Love is the great characteristic of those who would aspire to immortality, Love which suffers long and is kind, Love which overcomes all hate and all difficulties and which will eventually in a time, we hope not too far distant, mae of all mankind -- Brothers.

The Order receives its name from those Crusaders who were sworn to protect pilgrims and uphold the Cross, and who became the first Christian protectors of Jerusalem, their exploits thrilling all Christendom for ages.

The true emblem of a Knight Templar is the Passion Cross. The Cross has ever been the symbol of sacrifice. Freemasons are taught that only that is worthwhile which is gained through sacrifice. Nothing was ever gained by avoiding pain or sacrifice. Life itself is only acquired through sacrifice. Eternal life requires a continuation of sacrifice.



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